Surname Starter – LOVEALL (England)

This completes my grandparent generation. Woohoo! Off to a great start.

Now we explore, the LOVEALL family (link goes to my website for more information).

9 generations of LOVEALL:

14. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN LOVEALL was born on 22 Oct 1891 in Cleveland,OH. He died in Aug 1979 in San Luis Obispo,CA.
15. MARGUERITE FRANCINE DEACON was born on 14 Sep 1890 in Sandwich,IL. She died on 25 May 1977 in San Luis Obispo,CA. She was buried on 31 May 1977 in San Luis Obispo,CA

Children of Benjamin and Marguerite are Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978) and Marguerite Jean “Peg” Loveall (1928-2000).

28. FRANK WOLFORD LOVEALL was born on 16 Jul 1863 in Probably Kentucky. He died on 29 Apr 1943 in Goleta,CA. He was buried on 1 May 1943 in Goleta,Santa Barbara Co.,CA.
29. SELENA PENNY was born on 6 Mar 1860 in Buckfastleigh, Devenport,England. She died on 28 Feb 1951 in Glendale,Los Angeles Co.,CA. She was buried on 2 Mar 1951 in Goleta,Santa Barbara Co.,CA

Children of Frank and Lena Penny are Benjamin Franklin Loveall, and Maud Loveall (abt 1898-?).

56. GEORGE WASHINGTON LOVEALL was born about 1828 in Wayne Co.,KY. He died 7 on 5 May 1907 in Louisville,Jefferson Davis Co..
57. SUSAN LOVEALL was born in 1835. She died in 1880.

Children of George and Susan Loveall are David D. Loveall (abt 1853-?), Sarah Loveall (abt 1859-?), Frank Wolford Loveall, Edna Loveall (abt 1870-?).

George married (2) Mary Miranda McCoin. Children were Archie Mack Loveall, (1879-?), Catherine “Katie” Loveall (1890-1929).

father of George Washington Loveall:
112. DUTTON LOVEALL was born in 1801 in VA or TN. He died on 8 May 1876 in Wayne Co.,KY.
113. SARAH ROBERTS was born about 1800

Children of Dutton and Sarah Loveall were George Washington Loveall, Mary Loveall (abt 1831-?), Samuel B. Loveall (1833-1880), Malinda “Linda” Loveall Davis (1835-1915), Elizabeth Loveall (1838-?), Stephen Loveall (1840-?), Martha Loveall (1843-?), Jesse Loveall (1846-?).

father of Susan Loveall:
114. DAVID LOVEALLwas born in 1806. He died in 1850.
113. CATHERINE MOORE was born about 1808 in Pennsylvania. She died in unknown.

Children of David and Catherine Loveall were Susan Loveall, Martha Loveall (abt 1837-?), Emily Loveall (1839-?), Mary J. Loveall (abt 1842-?), Stephen Jasper Loveall (1845-?), John Silas Loveall (1847-?).

Parents of both Dutton and David Loveall:
224. STEPHEN LOVEALL was born in 1777 in Bedford Co.,PA. He died on 12 Jun 1867 in Adair Co.,KY.
225. NANCY LANE was born about 1775 in Greene Co.,Tennessee. She died about 1806 in Wayne Co.,Kentucky.

Children of Stephen and Nancy Loveall were Mary Loveall (?), F.T. Loveall (?), Anna Loveall (abt 1799-1800), Micajah Loveall (1799-1880), Dutton Loveall, Aaron Loveall (1802-1858), David Loveall, Nancy Loveall (1806-1871), .

Stephen married Rebecca Roberts. Children were Martha Loveall (?). Zebulon Loveall (1811-?), William Loveall (1816-1861), David Loveall (1819-?), Elizabeth Loveall (abt 1821-?), Peter Loveall (1823-?), Naoma “Oma” Loveall (1824-1890), Marty Loveall (abt 1832-?), Eudocia Loveall (abt 1830-?), Rebecca Jane Loveall (abt 1838-?).

448. JONATHAN LOVEALL Sr.was born in 1744 in Baltimore Co.,MD. He died in 1830 in Adair Co.,KY.
449. VIANNA “Viany” STEVENS was born in 1744 in Pennsylvania. She died about 1830 in Adair Co.,KY.

Children of Jonathan and Viany Loveall were Drury Mortimer Loveall (1772-?), James Loveall (1774-?), Stephen Loveall, Mary “Polly” Loveall Woosley (1777-1857), Jonathan Loveall Jr. (abt 1789-?), Zachariah Loveall (1779), and Thomas Loveall (abt 1800-abt 1860).

896. ZEBULON LOVEALL was born in 1728 in Long Island,NY. He died on 9 Jan 1786 in Baltimore,Baltimore Co.,MD.
897. MARY WEST was born in 1726. She died on 2 May 1770 in Western Baltimore Co.,MD.

Children of Zebulon and Mary Loveall were Henry Loveall II (abt 1742-1829), Jonathan Loveall Sr., Ruth Loveall Chilcott (1749/1750-1810), Rebecca Loveall Lane (1752-1800), Elizabeth W. Loveall Hess (1754-1798), Martha Loveall (abt 1757), Hannah Loveall Plowman (abt 1761-?), Cassandra Loveall (abt 1763-?), Zachariah Loveall (1765-1839).

1792. HENRY LOVEALL aka Desolate Baker was born in 1694 in Cambridge,England. He died in 1778 in Piscataway,NJ.
1793. MARTHA was born about 1699.

Children of Henry and Martha Loveall were Mary Loveall (?), Ann Loveall (?), Zebulon Loveall, Ethan Loveall (1730-1795), Luther Loveall (1731-abt 1821), Calvin Loveall (1734-?), Rebecca Loveall (abt 1735-?), Solomon Loveall (abt 1737-?), Susanna Loveall Dean/Deane (1745-?).
The LOVEALL family is one of my favorite to research because it is a made-up name. So far we have not discovered any LOVEALL’s of the United States that come from anyone but Henry, aka Desolate Baker. It makes it a fun puzzle to piece together.

Difficulty arises in the multiple families that later changed their name to LOVELL, which is not an isolated name, and has many other English origins; therefor it cannot be assumed that all U.S. LOVELL’s are from the LOVEALL family name.

I will put more information on the history of Henry Loveall, aka Desolate Baker, in a later post.

If you are of the LOVEALL family or have any information on this family, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings


2 thoughts on “Surname Starter – LOVEALL (England)

  1. Hi, I am Sandy Lovell, a descendent of George W. Loveall and Mary Miranda McCoin – Archibald Mack Lovell, my great grandfather, (the last name was changed with him) died August 17, 1963 in New Albany, Floyd County, Indiana. I suppose that makes us half cousins. Thanks for your interesting story. I would love to get a copy of that Lovell book. Is it worth the cost?

  2. (copy/pasting from another page… Please respond to the email listed at the bottom of the comment)

    Hello, my name is Dennis
    I am new to genealogy in general and Loveall genealogy in particular. My great aunt was Bernice Loveall who lived and passed in Northern California. By some twist of fate I am in possession of a letter (a brittle original with envelope) dated 1888.The letter is addressed to Rev. A.S. Loveall and concerns church business. I suspect A.S. was either my great aunts father, uncle or some other relation.
    Family lore has it that the Loveall family (Bernice’s family) were missionaries in China. I also own a few steamer trunks that supposedly belonged to that family. I may have other documents as well ( but I may have discarded them).
    I would be glad to send (email) a copy of the letter to anyone interested.Should there be interest, I would prefer to post the photos of the letter and envelope only once where everyone could have access to it.
    I hope to hear from you.

    Dennistowstrailer AT gmail DOT com

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