Surname Listing – MEWBORN (England)

I’m counting down my ancestral lines, working on my 3rd Great Grandparents.
Today, #39…. Louisa MEWBORN

7 generations of MEWBORN connected through:

4. Charles Ernest Loops II (1906-1977)
5. Laura Melba Dekle (1908-1994)

8. Charles Ernest Loops I (1875-?)
9. Eva Bell Webb (1882-1966)

18. George Bell Webb (1855-1876)
19. Agnes Pittman (1856-1883)

38. FRANCIS MARION PITTMAN was born on 11 Sep 1829 in Lenoir Co.,NC.. He died on 1 Jan 1899 in Grifton,NC..
39. LOUISA MEWBORN was born on 17 Dec 1833 in North Carolina. She died in unknown

Children of Francis & Louisa: Agnes Pittman (1856-1883), Alvah Francis Pittman (1857-1926), Emma Pittman (1860-1930), Nancy Louisa “Nannie” Pittman (1862-1954), Amon Ernest Pittman (1864-1951), Robert Elijah Pittman (1867-1936),

78. LEMUEL HARDY MEWBORN Sr. was born on 26 Jan 1803 in Greene Co.,North Carolina. He died in Bertie Co.,NC.
79. LOUISA KILPATRICK was born about 1805 in Greene Co.,North Carolina. She died in 1870 in Lenoir Co.,NC

Children of Lemuel and Louisa: Martha “Patsy” Mewborn (1825-1867), Rachel Elizabeth Mewborn (1827-1870), Levi Alexander Mewborn (1829-1903), Warren Francis Mewborn (1831-?), Louisa Mewborn (1833-?), Lemuel Hardy Mewborn Jr. (1836-?), Lydia Mewborn (1838-?), William Parrott Mewborn (1840-1860), Susan Elizabeth Mewborn (1842-?), Sarah Anne “Sally” Mewborn (1844-?), Henrietta Parrott Mewborn (1847-?).

156. PARROTT MEWBORN Sr. was born on 11 Mar 1765 in Dobbs,NC. He died in 1807 in Lenoir Co.,NC..
157. LYDIA HOWELL HARDY was born on 26 Apr 1768 in Lenoir Co.,NC. She died about 1825 in Dobbs Co.,NC

Children of Parrott and Lydia: Hardy Mewborn (1789-1828), Edith Mewborn (1791-1844), Levi Mewborn (1794-1828), Martha Ann “Patsy” Mewborn (1796-1851), Parrott Mewborn Jr (1799-1864), Elizabeth Mewborn (1801-1845), Lemuel Hardy Mewborn (1803-?), Lydia Mewborn (1805-?).

312. GEORGE MEWBORN was born in 1735 in Bertie,NC. He died in 1766 in Dobbs,NC.
313. MARY PARROTT was born about 1735 in Greene Co.,NC. She died about 1810

Children of George and Mary: Parrott Mewborn, Sr. (1765-1807)

624. THOMAS MEWBORN was born in 1668/1669 in England. He died in 1749 in Chowan,NC. He was buried in ALbemarle,NC.
625. ELEANOR was born about 1675 in ALbemarle,NC.

Children of Thomas and Eleanor: John (?), Thomas (?), Joshua (?), Mary (?), Nicholas (abt 1724-1774), Moses (abt 1726-1766), George Mewborn (1735-1766).

1248. MOSES MEWBOURNE was born about 1640 in England.

Much of the information on the Mewborn family comes from HERE.
If you are related to this family or have any information, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings


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