Notes vs. "Actual Text"

I’m curious… I pose this as a question..

What do YOU do with your database, on Notes vs. Actual Text?

Right now, I’m running through Census files. Previously, I’d put the information in the Notes section (this is when I was young and a newbie). I’m now putting everything in the “Actual Text” of the source.
THEN I create a timeline, 1870:, 1880:, in the notes section, including year, where, and occupation only.

This seems like a Great collaboration of notes & actual text – and perhaps what the two parts are originally designed for.

BUT, what about other things.. like articles. Do you put the full article in the “Actual Text” of the source? Or do you put it in the notes?

It seems a better idea to Source it, and put the source & INFO in the Notes section, because then it prints. Whether you’re uploading your database to share or creating individual webpages, the notes will show, but the sources are separate. So… notes are more visible.

Just curious. What do you do? How do you sort it out?


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