Thank You

It’s July, 2015, and my site came up for renew.

Hopefully we all know that in the research world, we take time off… we plateau in research, and I’ve been painfully remiss in posting about my own searches recently. Doesn’t mean I’ve disappeared… just means, July and SUMMER happen.

But my site disabled for a whopping 3 days, and I received over 100+ emails from people reminding me. And those were just the people who took the time to say.. Hello.. We need you, again, check back in. 

And you have no idea how much that means to me. THANK YOU for telling me. THANK YOU for reminding me that people find this blog of my ancestry. I read the analytics, I know that 98% are finding that one post about Captain John Johnson, but there are others… all those other others that find their way here. And I appreciate you all so much.

Getting your emails to renew my site just reminds me that this is important. That I have important stuff to share. So, again, THANK YOU.
And please, tell me again next year. Because I do have lapses; I have a life outside of research, and it’s an adorable almost 6-yr old boy, and Kindergarten starting and I really need to redo my bathroom.
But I promise you… I AM here. I am not going anywhere.

I might be lapsed, but I’m still in this for the long haul. It’s been, oh wow, 22yrs now, of research, thank you for forcing me on the reminder.

But.. we’re back now. And I hope to get back to posting new (and maybe Not so New but UPDATES, because I have a few).

Thank you for sticking around and pushing me.

Happy huntings,


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