Edmund Lee Brown / Edward Lee Brown – Virginia to California

Judge E.L. Brown of California is my 3gGrandfather. I have many “notes” on him, from my gAunt. But no real sources. That his name is different in Every source, it is very confusing. He is Judge E.L. Brown, that we know. He is Edmund, he is Edward. His son, also is Edmund and Edward.
These are not the same names! How can they have both in conflicting documents! And how can we research a name that is never the same. And hence, why, while having “notes” on the man, he remains a mystery.

What I know, from “notes” from my aunt:

Members of the Mormon Battalion. Easton, Susan W.
Nauvoo: Early Mormon…Series, 1839-1846. Platt, Lyman. 1980 NauvooSocial History Project. Smith, James Illinois, Nauvoo City Tax Lists,1841-44; 1842 Illinois, Nauvoo, Property Transactions Roster – MormonBattalion. Easton, Susan W.

27 Jan 1851: appeared in courts of DC. “1st sergeant, Company E, commanded by Captain David in the Mormon Battalion, commanded by Col. Cooke, enlisted at Council Bluffs, Iowa, 15 Jul 1846 for 1 year. Was discharged at Pueblo de Los Angeles, 16 Jul 1847.

1852 Census: Yolo Co., CA. E.L. Brown, aged 48. Born VA, res: PA

Jan. 1854: appeared before the Clerk of US Supreme Court in and for Utah Territory

1860 Census, Putah Township, Yolo Co. Vol, 9, p552
E.L. Brown, aged 56. FARMER. Land worth $5000, other $6000
born Virginia.
Mary, aged 54, born Ohio.

1867: Yolo Co., Register: Edward Lee Brown, 64. Born VA. FARMER

1870 Census: Edward L. Brown, aged 66
Justice of the Peace
$1500 in land; $1200 in other

Western Shore Gazetteer, p. 236: E.L. Brown,Sr., born in Virginia
Justice of the Peace, Notary Republic, real estate agent. Residence in Davisville, N. Putah District, CA

Poll of 1871 & 1872: Edmund Lee Brown, same identifiers as above (whatever that means)

Yolo Democrat, Sat. Oct 12, 1872. P3, col3
“Died: In Davisville, Saturday night, October 5, Judge E.L. Brown, a native of Virginia, aged 69 years. Judge Brown was one of the earliest settlers in California, having come to the state in the year 1845. He resided in the southern portion of the state where he held the office of Alcalde under the Mexican government. He leaves two sons, both engaged in business at Davisville, and a very numerous circle of friends to mourn his decease.”

Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 1, p.489
Agnes Brown and her husband, Edmund L. Brown, were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When the call came for a battalionof men to fight against Mexico Edmund was chosen 1st Sergeant in CompanyE., and his wife accompanied him as one of the laundresses. Agnes islisted as one of the women who returned to Pueblo, Colorado to spend thewinter of 1846–47, while Edmund L. made the entire trip to California. Itis known that on July 20, 1847, when the company known as the MormonVolunteers was mustered into service under Captain Daniel C. Davis,Edmund L. was named one of the 1st Sergeants.

Agnes came to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake the latter part of July,1847. No further information can be found in either church, state, or theDaughters of Utah Pioneers’ files. Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 1,p.489

Are the notes wrong? It almost seems that they’re combining Edward Lee with an Edmund Lee, at times. One was married to Mary, another to Agnes.

I’m so confused. This is what I have on record from my gAunt through her research.


Any information on the Brown family would be most appreciated. There MUST be something conclusive, somewhere. I have scoured the internet. I will have to travel. It can only be in person now, to find the answers… unless you have them.


William Walton Brown – Virginia to California

William Walton Brown is my 2gGrandfather. Dates: 2 Nov 1827, Alexandria, VA – Jul 1899, Veteran’s Home, Yountville, Napa Co., CA.
I have “notes” from my Great-Aunt, but know very little, and have yet to “prove” her findings. Below, I am listing what I have for notes, nothing I have found on my own.

1852: Yolo Co., CA Census. FARMER. Born in Virginia

1863: Moved to Nevada to try mining, Austin & White Pine
W.W. Brown writes “I was stricken with rheumatism and heart disease resulting from exposure”

Was told (WHO was told, I don’t know… that’s what the “note” says) from a friend that their nurse, Lou, an Indian who they had brought from California to Nevada, had poisoned the children with belladonna berries because “she liked to see the children writhe in convulsions”. Children of W.W. Brown and Adelaide Caroline Robey: Edmund Hayes Brown, 18 Aug 1852 – Jan 1859, “died of convulsions”, Catherine Eugenie Brown, 28 Sept 1855 – May 1859, “died of convulsions”, William Henry Brown, 28 Sept 1859 – 1863, “died of convulsions”

— Two children, Charles Wilson Brown, 24 Nov 1857 – ?, and Elizabeth Mary “Bessie” Brown, 16 May 1862 – ?, survived.

1869: the railroad was completed and the family went back East. The Sacramento Union, 15 Sept 1869, p.3, col3, lists their name as joining the Special Excursion from Elko, Nevada.

1870 census: Maryland. Little Gunpowder, Baltimore Co.
Brown’s and two children living with Adelaide’s sister, Mary, and her husband Wilson Townsend. Mr. Brown states his occupation as Minister.

Returned to California after a year and a half. It is thought that W.W. became “too fond of the bottle”, but whatever the reason, Adela divorced William.

Charlie (Charles Wilson Brown) stayed with his father and found a job with Wells Fargo in San Francisco.

Elizabeth Mary “Bessie” was put into Miss Shelli’s Seminary of Benecia, CA.

Adela married George Pridham about 1879 and moved to Tombstone, Arizona. George also worked for Wells Fargo. Bessie joined them after finishing school.

William married Alice M. Stohlman Smith (last name uncertain as it’s listed different on every document), in 1884. He was 50, she was 28, by their San Francisco marriage license.

William and Alice had two children: Robert E.L. Brown and Orabel Brown.

1887: Application for War Pension
Enlisted in Council Bluffs, IA, in Battalion of Iowa volunteers. 16 Jul 1846 as a Private in Company A, commanded by Capt. Jefferson Hunt & Lt. Col. James Allen, for 1 year

Traveled west by ship across the Isthmus by the Slogris River. Continued by ship North to San Francisco, by way of the Bay and the Sacramento River, to Davisville (now Davis, Co).

Attempted to establish a wheat plantation.

William died July 1899.

That’s what I have. “notes” that someone else compiled and not a single proof on my own. If you have any information on this family, I would be forever grateful. It is the one stagnant plateau of my research that just sits there, in the back of my brain, un-sourced and unknowing. Leave me a comment! TIA!

~happy huntings

Surname Listing – SMITH/STOHLMAN

Moving through my 2nd Great Grandparents, I have a confusing line (to which I have no information)…. Alice SMITH STOHLMAN.

It is unclear whether Alice was originally SMITH and then married a STOHLMAN, or whether Smith is her middle name and Stohlman was the last name. If you have any information about this family, please leave me a comment!

She is my 2nd Great-Grandmother via:

6. Charles Homer Young (1917-1996)
7. Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978)

12. Charles Edgar Young (1877-1959)
13. Orabel Brown (1892-1971)

26. WILLIAM WALTON BROWN was born on 2 Nov 1827 in Alexandria,VA. He died in Jul 1899 in Veteran’s Home,Yountville,Napa Co.,CA. He was buried in Cypress Lawn,San Francisco,CA.
27. ALICE M. SMITH STOHLMAN was born in 1856 in Berkeley,CA.. She died on 21 Jul 1934 in Yountville, California.

~happy huntings

Surname Listing – BROWN

Still working with Great-Grandparents, today we have BROWN.
Yet another family I am stuck on.

4 generations of BROWN connected through:

6. Charles Homer Young (1917-1996)
7. Harriet Anne Loveall (1922-1978)

12. CHARLES EDGAR YOUNG was born on 4 Aug 1877 in Kelseyville, California. He died on 9 Nov 1959 in San Francisco,CA.
13. ORABEL BROWN was born on 20 Dec 1892 in San Francisco,CA. She died on 17 Oct 1971 in San Francisco,CA

Children of Charles and Orabel: William Edgarton Young (1913-1973), Helen Young (abt 1915-1915); Charles Homer Young (1917-1996).

26. WILLIAM WALTON BROWN was born on 2 Nov 1827 in Alexandria,VA. He died in Jul 1899 in Veteran’s Home,Yountville,Napa Co.,CA. He was buried in Cypress Lawn,San Francisco,CA.
29. ALICE M. SMITH STOHLMAN was born in 1856 in Berkeley,CA.. She died on 21 Jul 1934 in Yountville, California.

Children of William and Alice: Robert E.L. Brown (abt 1885-?), Orabel Brown (1892-1971)

52. EDMUND LEE BROWN was born in 1804 in Virginia. He died on 5 Oct 1872 in Davisville,Ca (now Davis,CA).
53. MARY or Agnes was born about 1806. She died in 1873

Children of Edmund Lee and Mary/Agnes: William Walton Brown (1827-1899), Edmund Lee Brown, Jr. (1834-1974)

104. UNKNOWN Brown, married UNKNOWN.

Children: Edmund Lee Brown (1804-1982), and William Nelson Brown (1807-aft 1880).

And that’s all I know. I have much information on this family through letters to Orabel Brown. But nothing further than Edmund Lee (who could also be Edward Lee).

If you are a member of this family or have any information, please leave me a comment!

~happy huntings