Royal Family Ties (pt 2) – to DEAN

As previous noted, both Cy and I are related to the Royal Family through Robert De Beaumont and Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois. Click HERE for my connection.

Cy’s DEAN family Connection
1. Robert De Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (abt 1049-1118)
Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois (grand-daughter of Henry 1, King of France) (abt 1081-1130)

2. Isabel/Elizabeth de Beamont (1096-1147)
Gilbert Fitzgilbert de Clare, 1st Earl of Pembroke (1100-1147)
(Isabel was also married to Henry 1, King of England)

8. Richard Fitzgilbert “Strongbow” de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke (abt 1130-1176)
Eva (Aoife) MacMurrough, dau of Dairmait, King of Leinster. (abt 1141-1186)

15. Isabel de Clare (abt 1172-1220)
William Marshall, 3rd Earl of Pembroke (1146-1219)

23. Eve Marshall (abt 1202-bef 1246)
William de Braose (abt 1198-1230)

28. Eva Braose (abt 1220-bef 1255)
William De Cantilupe (abt 1215-1254)

34. Millicent de Cantilupe or Cauntelo (abt 1250-?)
Eudo/Eon La Zouch (abt 1244-bef 1279)

40. Lucy la Zouche (abt 1279-?)
Thomas de Greene (abt 1292-?)

46. Henry de Greene, Chief Justice of England (1310-1370)
Catherine de Drayton (abt 1314-?)

52. Thomas de Greene (abt 1343-1391)
Margery Mabelthorpe (abt 1345-?)

58. Walter Greene (abt 1370-?)

63. Margaret Greene (abt 1390-?)
John de Greene (abt 1387-abt 1432)

67. Isabella de Greene (abt 1434-?)
Sir Richard De Vere (1430-?)

70. Henry Vere (abt 1450-?)
Isabella Tresham (abt 1457-?)

72. Elizabeth Vere (abt 1477-?)
Baron John Mordaunt (abt 1475-bef 1562)

74. Anne Mordaunt (abt 1506-?)
John Fisher (abt 1500-?)

76. Baroness Agnes Fisher (1522-bef 1572)
Oliver Saint John (abt 1508-1582)

78. Thomas Saint John (abt 1550-?)

80. Jane Saint John (abt 1575-1596)
Richard Nicholas (1560-1615)

82. Elizabeth Nicholas (1596-1664) died in Massachusettes
John Richmond (1588-1664)

84. Mary Richmond (1639 in Taunton, Bristol Co., Mass – 1715)
William Paull (1624-1704)

87. Edward Paull (1664-1740)
Esther Bobet (abt 1669-?)

89. Damaris Paul (1695-abt 1777)
Seth Hathway (1707-1748)

90. Elizabeth Hathway (abt 1726-?)
NOAH DEAN (abt 1730-1794)

I will add in Cy’s surname listings at some point and will update links at that time. For now, just know that his maternal Grandmother is DEAN and hence the royal connection.


Royal Family Ties (pt 1) to RIPLEY

***9/27/2010*** I have since learned that the Webb Connection to Hannah Bradford Ripley is WRONG. There is no connection here. So…. this is how the Ripley name is tied to the Royal Family, unfortunately, it is not my connection Oops!

Is it our innate nature to try to find ancestral lines to someone famous or important or special? I can tell you that when I first discovered my ties to the Royal Family, I was ecstatic! I was young, I thought it the coolest thing in the world. Once you find the second tie, not so exciting… the third, or your partner’s connection… a little weird. Hey, we’re related to the same family! isn’t that exciting. hmph.

I think my son will survive knowing that his parents are related some 27 generations back. Aren’t most of us with English ties, at some point, related to the Royal Family?

I thought it’d be fun to actually mark this heritage, because I can never find it when offering up lineages to the family. So, now they’ll be on record and easy to find.

Both Cy and I are related to:
Robert De Beaumont, 1st Earl of Leicester (abt 1049-1118), Normandy, France
Isabel/Elizabeth de Vermandois (1081-1130)
Adelaide is the Granddaughter of Henry the First, King of France, through her father HUGH DE CREPI, Duke of Burgundy

My connection:
1. Robert De Beaumont (1049-1118)
Isabel/Elizabeth of Vermandois (abt 1081-1130)

6. Adeline De Beaumont (abt 1102-?)
Hugh de Gaunt (abt 1062-?)

13. Alice de Montford (abt 1130-?)
Robert Noel (abt 1123-?)

20. Thomas Noel (abt 1151-aft 1187)
Margaret Le Strange (abt 1156-1221)

25. Jean Noel (abt 1179-?)
William De Duston (abt 1159-1234)

30. Rose De Duston (abt 1195-?)
Sir John D’Oyly (abt 1195-abt 1267)

36. John D’Oyly (abt 1220-?)

42. Edward D’Oyly (abt 1256-1312)

48. Edmund D’Oyly (abt 1297-1353)
Alice Bowden (abt 1301-?)

54. Thomas D’Oyly (1342-?)

59. Edward D’Oyly (abt 1387-?)
Anne Legat (abt 1401-1467)

64. Margaret D’Oyly (abt 1440-?)
Peter Lyhart (abt 1440-?)

68. Margaret Lyhart (abt 1440-1494)
Sir James Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1436-1516)

71. Miles Hobart/Hubbard (1479-aft 1540)
Elinor/Ellen Blennerhassett (1507-bef 1557)

73. Thomas Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1537-1598)
Helena Winsofer (abt 1546-1603)

75. Sir Edmund Hobart/Hubbard (abt 1573-1546) – died in Massachusettes
Mary Dewey (1575-1634)

77. Rev. Peter Hobart (1604 in Plymouth, Mass – 1678)
Elizabeth Ibrook (1608-1692)

79. Elizabeth HOBART (1632-1692)
John RIPLEY, son of William Ripley. 1653-1684

Yay!! does that make me really special, or what!