The Dekle Family

My Dekle family originates from John Deckel, born about 1737 in Hanover, Germany. I am descended through John the immigrant, son George, son John “Squire”, son Remer, son DeRoy “D.R” Dekle, who was my great-grandfather. The Dekle family is quite large, mostly from the state of Georgia in and around Bulloch Co.

For the family genealogy, please visit the Complete Tree located through the Rootsweb World Connect.


Here is an emended excerpt from the Dekle Family on the history of John the immigrant:

The German ruler from 1658 to 1705 was Leopold I.  His son Joseph ruled from 1705 until 1711 at which time, another son, Charles VI ruled from 1711 until 1740.  Charles C. Deckel, a Baron, (Baron Von Deckel), served under Charles VI.

As a result of harsh military training that all young German youths of that era were put through, Two sons of Baron Von Deckel, Charles the oldest, and John the second son, and their cousin Friedrick, left Germany and came to America.  Family tradition has it they stowed away aboard sailing ship and eventually arrived in the Harbor at Savannah, Georgia. As time went by, the name Deckel has become Americanized to Dekle.

A family tradition has it that John Deckel, came over in either 1734, or 1737, but these dates do not fit with other events, while another family tradition has him coming over about 1754.  It appears both these conflicting dates were generated by a genealogist by the name, Mr. A.B. Caldwell of Atlanta, Ga.  He also said that Charles was 19 years old and that both John and Friederick were 17 years old at their time of arrival in America.

It might be reasonable to think John was born about 1737 and arrived in America about 1754. These dates would make him 17 years old upon his arrival in America, and 38 years old when he had his first child, Charles.

With his last child John Leonard, Jr. being born in 1798, he would have been 64 years old, and Jan. 8 1828, when he died, he would have been 91 years old.  Thus a birth date of 1737 appears about the earliest reasonable date of birth, while a birth of 1717 being much too early.

Ansel Dekle says:

“I am not satisfied with either of the above dates of arrival for Charles, John and Friederick and won’t be until the name of the ship upon which they came to the colonies and the day, month and year of its arrival in Savannah are known.”

Sallie Grissom, John’s wife, had their children over a 23 year span. If we assume she was maybe 45 when her last child, John Leonard Jr. was born in 1798, she lived another 28 years to age 73 at her death in 1826.  This would then make her about 22 years old at the time of her first child, and her birth year being about 1753.  If it is correct that John was 17 and arrived in 1754, his future wife had to be a baby or not yet born. John and Sallie died within two years of each other, which might indicate they were about the same age.

Considering all the above, a more logical year of birth for John Leonard Dekle Sr. may be about 1748 which would make his arrival in America about 1765 at an age of 17.  Which is 10 years before his and Sallie’s first child, Charles, in 1775.


One thought on “Dekle

  1. I am descended from the Von Dekle family and my question is where in Germany did Leopold come from? I’m interested in knowing if there is a family home that still exists. Any information about where they lived or if anything is still standing. Please contact me. Thank you!

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